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2016 COGEL Conference Logo
38th Annual
COGEL Conference

December 11 - 14, 2016
New Orleans Marriott

Online registration for the 2016 COGEL Conference has closed. Onsite registration will be available at the Conference Registration Desk. We hope you will join us in New Orleans at the Marriott New Orleans Hotel, 555 Canal Street for this year’s Conference.

Introducing COGEL Dine-Arounds!
COGEL 2016 is excited to introduce a new networking aspect to the conference — lunch and dinner “COGEL Dine-Arounds”.  Join other COGEL conference attendees for lunch or dinner to discuss professional topics that matter to you in a small, friendly setting at nearby restaurants. Whether this is your first COGEL conference or your 38th (and, if it is, congratulations for attending all of them!), the COGEL Dine-Arounds are designed for you!

Plus, in New Orleans, the local cuisine is the stuff of legend, so what better city to kick-off this new networking program?  You will not want to miss this opportunity to not only network with your peers but also experience New Orleans’ robust and vibrant restaurant scene!

What is a COGEL Dine-Around?

Dine-Arounds offer conference participants an opportunity to dine informally with peers and have small-group conversations about topics that interest you. Personally connecting with other COGEL members over a shared meal will allow you to benefit from the wisdom of diverse experiences and foster new relationships with others in the COGEL disciplines.  Dine-Arounds will be held at nearby restaurants; most are within walking distance from the New Orleans Marriott.

How many people attend a COGEL Dine-Around?

In order to provide optimal opportunities for networking, stimulating conversation, and peer learning, each Dine-Around is limited to 8 people.

How do we pay for COGEL Dine-Arounds?

Dine-Arounds are Dutch-treat; each diner is responsible for his or her own check.  We have arranged for separate checks with each restaurant for your convenience.

Are COGEL Dine-Arounds at expensive restaurants?

We have carefully planned the Dine-Arounds to fit within your organization’s budget.  We have low- and mid-range cost options, as well as opportunities to experience the cuisine of some of New Orleans’ best chefs.

Who is organizing the COGEL Dine-Arounds?

Leaders within COGEL have graciously agreed to serve as coordinators for the Dine-Arounds. The COGEL Program Committee has already selected the restaurants, recruited the coordinators, and made the reservations.  It couldn’t be easier for you; all you have to do is sign-up and show up!

When and where will COGEL Dine-Arounds take place?

Lunch Dine-Arounds will be offered on Tuesday, December 13th and Wednesday, December 14th.  Dinner Dine-Arounds will be offered on Sunday, December 11th and Monday, December 12th.

How do I select and RSVP for a COGEL Dine-Around?

Sign-up sheets will be available near the registration desk.  You will want to sign-up early, as the Dine-Arounds will be limited to 8 people per restaurant.  You can select whichever Dine-Around you desire.

What if I have other questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact the COGEL 2016 Conference Co-Chairs: Melanie Martin-Griem or Wesley Bizzell.

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