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Electronic Filing Survey
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I: Electronic Filing Programs

  1. Does your agency have a program for the electronic filing of campaign disclosure reports?

If not, please describe any progress you state has made toward adoption of an electronic filing program, including proposed legislation or administrative regulations.


  1. What year was your current system implemented?


  2. What was the approximation of cost to implement?


  3. How long did it take to create the program/system?


  4. Was Legislative/Executive Approval necessary?


  5. Is electronic filing mandatory for all candidates?


    If not, which candidates are required to file campaign disclosure reports electronically?


  1. Does your agency grant waivers to candidates who would otherwise be required to file electronically?


If so, under what circumstances, and approximately what percentage of candidates receive waivers?


II. Changes/Funding


  1. Have there been any legislative or regulatory changes your agency’s existing electronic filing program since 2014? If so, please describe.


  2. Are there any bills currently under consideration by the legislature that would impact your agency’s electronic filing program? If so, please describe.


  1. Is there adequate funding to administer your agency’s existing electronic filing program?


  2. What is the funding source for upkeeps/improvements?


Do you have a dedicated independent funding source?


  1. Is there adequate funding to improve and/or expand your agency’s electronic and online disclosure program?


    III: Type of Electronic Filing Program


  2. Did you developed the filing program in-house or procure the system from a vendor?


  3. Is the electronic filing program browser based?


    If not, is it a standalone program with only one user entry?


  4. Does your agency provide electronic filers with e-filing software? If so, is it free or is there a charge?


  5. Does your agency provide electronic filer an option of using third party vendor software?


If so, does the vendor software file reports or required to be uploaded into agency program prior to filing?


IV: Public Access

  1. How soon after your agency receives campaign finance filing are they made available online?


  2. Can filer add to data, but not declare it official until required report is complete?


  3. In what format are electronic reports posted online?


  4. Are amended reports available on the agency’s website?


  5. Are original disclosure reports kept online and accessible after amendments are posted?


  6. How does the public know the changes made to the original and the amendment?